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It doesn't rain but it pours
Title: It doesn't rain but it pours
Pairing: Kevin/ Chris, McHalowitz
Rating: Pg/Pg-13
Word Count: 1,092
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Title from Queens' 'Under pressure'
Warnings/Spoilers: None really, lets say season 1? Oh and it it obviously a RPF, don't read if you don't like. MAJOR ANGST!
Summary:He looked over at Kevin, He knew he should stop but he didn't want to, well not yet anyway. And soon they will be someone else he will start to like who he can't have either.

He could help but stare at him. While the music was blaring and the lights were beaming he watched. Grinning like a maniac and spinning her around, pulling her closer. Enjoying her company, not his. He will always be hers and not his and he couldn't do anything about it.

It was his birthday today. That's why they we in this booming nightclub but while he was off celebrating his ageing, Chris was sat with Amber in the V.I.P section, gulping down his drink like it was his Morphine and without it, all his pain would come again.

Amber wasn't helping much either. She was just sat there, texting away, it was kind of annoying him. And whenever she did speak up it was either to announce she was going to the bar or to make quiet 'I am going to Vomit' remarks about the dancing couple.

It had all started a while back, when they had started the whole phenomenon which was 'Glee'. He had been the first person to say “Hello”, the first one to smile his oh-so-perfect smile at him. The first person who truly cared. Then Jenna came along and stole him away. Well, not 'stole' stole him away, Chris was sure Kevin had a choice in the mater but he still went. He knew he had lost him the day they had both walked on set, sharing his iPod-each had one earphone- singing along to the latest Lady GaGa song. That's when he befriended Amber, she was a better friend than he would of ever been but, despite that, Chris still wanted him.

And from then on their relationship had formed and Chris kept on getting more and more jealous (it wasn't eating him away, he just had a soft spot for Kevin and he liked him in that way but he was more jealous that his best friend had been taken away, well that is what he convinced himself of anyway). It had started with harmless flirting which over time turned into innocent touching. Chris noticed everything, when her hand 'accidentally' brush his arm and she held it there for longer than necessary. Then it was not really platonic flirting, he would joke about getting her into bed with him and she would always try and take his clothes off and she normally ended up having a giggle fit with him on the floor. Then came the sexual touches, Chris hated seeing them, His hands would reach under her shirt and leave them there stroking her back and she would moan in response and they were forever giving each other massages.

But now, it was sweet, all the whole 'flirty touchy' thing went out of the window. It was now love and adoration for each other, they still flirted and touched each other but it was different now, it was cute and cheesey.

'Aww, now its actually getting quiet cute, I haven't barfed into my mouth yet!” Amber had broke the silence between them and Chris realised he had been staring into space for the last few minutes. A slow song had come on since it was coming to the end of the night and they were closer than ever. They fitted perfectly together, She had her arms around his neck, playing with his hair, he had his round her waist pulling her closer. Their foreheads were press together and the were smiling and gazing at each other dreamily.

“I know right” Was all he could stumble out of his pathetic excuse for a mouth. He flashed her his signature smile as the 'cute' couple began to kiss on the dance floor. He had never saw them kiss before (well, except for on the actual show) but he had never heard of them kiss either.

“Oh my gosh, first kiss!” Amber was acting like a typical girl, she had the whole hand over heart and looking in awe at the couple thing going on. “ It's just so adorable, don't ya think?”

He nodded in agreement and went back to looking at his drink. He knew Amber had already picked up on his feelings for Kevin ages ago but right now she was too caught up in the moment, like every one in that club.

The taxi back to the hotel was weird, the girls were out like lights leaving only him and Kevin awake. Chris was staring at the rain pounding down on the window like it was going to hurt him if he didn't.

“Hey” He looked up to see Kevin's blue eyes boring into him “ You alright, you seem a little out of it tonight”

“I'm just Tired” Chris muttered and turned back to giving the window death glares. He wasn't in the mood for talking.

“You sure? I hope its not me. You know if you need to talk to someone, I'm always here” Kevin whispered looking down at the sleeping Jenna on his shoulder.

“Kevin, it's not you and to be honest, I don't feel like talking to anyone- not even Amber.” He had Lied through his teeth again but Chris couldn't help himself and didn't even cared.

“Okay, cool, I hope it all works out” Kevin flashed him a smile then placed his head on top of the sleeping beauty on his shoulder, closing his eyes and trying to fall asleep like the rest of their co-stars.

Chris felt alone in the world, not even Amber could cheer him up, once he got away from him, he was fine and happy and even on set, there was enough room so he could go days without bumping into him. Even in the dance studio they were always on opposite ends of the group performances. He always avoided him at all costs.

He looked over at Kevin, He knew he should stop but he didn't want to, well not yet anyway. And soon they will be someone else he will start to like who he can't have either. It was life and Chris had to accept it, even if it was the hardest thing he will have to do, he must accept it.

When they got back to the hotel, They all slept walked to their rooms. Amber went into her room first, yawning while saying her good byes. Chris watched as Jenna pulled Kevin into his room feeling lonelier than ever.

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D: You should put a 'major angst' warning on this; it was saaaaaaad (good! but sad).

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