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5 February
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  • outlaw_joanne@livejournal.com
Hi my full name is Joanne and i love Robin Hood. (2006)



I used to make alot of videos and tbh the feedback I got back said they were good. Maybe I will make some Glee ones soon?

I play the flute,saxophone, guitar and the piano but atm i am only taking lessons for the flute since I dont have time for more.

I adore anything indie/rock/alternative but i have been know for loving anything from the 80's. I like most music apart from rap and R&B

Ships I Ship/Shipped because I am more romantic than Leonardo DiCaprio on the Titanic:
(glee) Artie/Tina, Artie/Brittany, Santana/Brittany.
(Twilight-because I was a twi-hard before the films then KStew ruined it so now i cant read the books without being appalled) Jasper/Alice
(Robin Hood) Will/Marian Will/Djaq Will/Allan- do you see a requiring theme here?- will/OC
(Power Rangers! Because I LOVED it and i'm not ashamed!) Blake/Tori!
(Lost) Charlie/Claire
(irl) MCHALOWITZ! Miley/Mitchel-who didnt
(*say quietly*Hannah Montana..I was 10 okay!) Moliver